Chuangda is committed to become an unique plastic field problem overall solution provider, what we always provide to customer is not a commodity, but a solution. We make good use of our resources to create one professional team in the industry's top filed, with theoretical innovation as the guide, all the thoughts and wisdom, focuses on the insight into customer expectations, meet and exceed customer expectations; Continuously explore and research the unique plastic modified products in the world, and enter the customer’s workshop and combine our laboratory research result together with the reality of customer's production, comprehensively provide simple, suitable, appropriate practical solutions and help them to solve their anxiety and challenges, to break the bottleneck of customer development, enhance the core competitiveness of customers, ensure 120% customer satisfaction, achieve the win-win growth of Chuangda and customers.


潍坊创达化工有限公司,Monopoly ACR PROCESSING AID CHLORINATED POLYETHYLENE PVC HEAT STABILIZER IMPACT MODIFIER CPVC Resin FLAME RETARDANTS And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:18953686611

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